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Green Home Products 


 Green Up Home Flower Series Products


The Green Life Group engineers have developed the Home Flower Series to replace cleaning and disinfecting materials now used in the home.
These ecological products are user-friendly and are also environmentally friendly.
This series is designed to replace all products for home use based on toxic substances which are dangerous to the user and to those in the home. 

The underlying rationale for the development of these products was to provide better quality and user-safe solutions for all household needs




 Bathroom Cleaner


Bathroom Cleaning

 Window Cleaner.jpg

Window Cleaner

Hand Soap.jpg

Hand Soap

Floor Cleaner.jpg

Floor Cleaner

Grill Cleaner.jpg

Grill Cleaner

Dishwashing Liquid.jpg

Dishwashing Liquid

Laundry Gel.jpg

Laundry Gel

Fruits and Vegetables.jpg

Fruits & Vegetable

Oven Cleaner.jpg

Oven Cleaner

Trash Can Cleaner.jpg

Trash Can Cleaner

Multi Cleaner.jpg

Multi Cleaner

Mold Cleaning.jpg

Mold Cleaning

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