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Refinery Industry


Petroleum is very important to humans since it is the biggest energy provider in the world—and also the biggest polluter in the refining of different fuels and products from it. Oil industry pollution in the groundsoil and in the air is difficult and problematic to clean. Green Life Company has developed a series of products especially for use in the oil and petroleum industry and all that is connected with it. The products are easy and safe to use since they are based on green ingredients that are not poisonous and non-flammable. They are friendly for the user, considerably lessen pollution and protect the environment. 

Refinery Cleaning

Oil refining is a process which turns crude oil into various consumer products such as gasoline, diesel fuel, gas, oils or kerosene. The refinery consists of many different production units, each of which causes various sorts of pollution during work.These resulting pollutants seep into the soil or disperse and pollute the air .Use of Green Life products lessens the amount of pollution that is produced by refineries. Our products are comfortable and safe to use, based on ecological elements which are not poisonous or flammable. They are environmentally friendly.

Fuel Storage Tanks

 Heat Exchanger

Oil Wastewater Treatment

All the spillage of the refinery is concentrated in the site for sludge treatment. After a process of separation between water and fuels the fuel layer is sent for various treatments and the layer of water is treated in the biological container.

Green Life Company has developed a product that helps with a better separation between the water and fuel layers because after cleaning the water now is cleaner. This makes the biological treatment easier and lessens the time and money spent on the separation.

The Green Life product is water based, not toxic and not dangerous to the workers. It dilutes the sludge efficiently, prevents noxious odors during the treatment of the sludge as well as preventing flare-ups in the working area.

 Workshop Cleaning

 Repairs and Cleaning

Parts Cleaning

Hand Cleaning

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