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Meat industry


Green Up for  Meat Industry is the solution

Antibacterial cleaning and sanitation on a regular basis is crucial in the meat industry. There is a need for a high level of cleanliness in the meat and fish industry including equipment and storage areas. Green Life Group has developed a series of products for this industry. Our Green Up products are powerful,  non-chlorinated, water based, non-tainting, free rinsing and streak free.  They are very strong sanitizers and cleaners. They clean packing house environments where the sterilization of surfaces is required. Using Green Up materials reduces decay preventing contamination of salmonella; listeria and others. 


Using Green Life products prevents spoilage, extends shelf life and provides meat or fish which is edible and tasty.

The final result is a protective clean transition of the meat or fish to its final destination.

 One  Product For Fish Processing Cleaning and Sanitizing Greem Up Plus  

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