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Urban  Disinfecting


Green Up for Urban care is the solution

  Unregulated urination 

In many places in the cities there is a shortage of public toilets. Using outdoor or indoor areas as urinals (or worse) produces bad smells and can cause infection. The same problem exists in places where garbage is collected.  Our company has developed an ecological product which spray cleans and disinfects (against E.Coli, Salmonella, Listeria and more) and stops bad smells. The product is not dangerous and provides an efficient solution to this problem while effectively guarding the public’s health.

 Garbage Cans

Garbage cans provide the base for the development of harmful bacteria. Their ability to spread quickly and to hurt people is great.  Therefore if is of great importance to clean and disinfect household and public garbage cans. Green Up Trash Bin is the product specifically designed for this purpose. This product is not dangerous to the user or the environment. Spraying Green Up Trash Bin twice weekly will disinfect and clean the trash bin or garbage can and will prevent baterial development.

 Sand Box

 Toilet  Sanitizing

Public toilets are a hotbed of bacteria and coliforms that can easily be passed from one person to another.  Green Up Toilets provides an effective solution to the problem. Daily spraying will provide:
- Removal of bad smells
- Disinfectiion of all the toilet area
- General cleaning
Green Up Toilet is composed of componets which are environmentally friendly and safe.

 Transport Seats

Public transport seats get dirty quickly and replacing upholstery is costly. We have developed a low cost product that can clean upholstery quickly and restore it to the appearance of new upholstery while also disinfecting it. Not only is it low in cost but is also not dangerous to use.

 Disinfecting Sewers

Open sewers are the largest causes of pollution. They provide a greenhouse for the development of bacteria and disease which harm people. Green Up Sewers contains components which dissolve fats and oils and other ingredients which are antibacterial affecting a wide range of bacteria. Green Up Sewers gives an effective solution for disinfecting and reducing odors.

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