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Plastics Industry


Green Up for Plastic Industry is the Solution



Green Up products for the plastic industry are ecological products, efficient  and non corosive. The products are composed of a highly versatile blend of  natural components which are water based and formulated to quickly remove dirt, grime and grease from a wide variety of non-porous surfaces.The Green Up Plastic Industry Series are products which are ecologically safe for use (green products). They are water based powerful non-chlorinated cleaners, designed to replace all existing products  based on chemicals. Green Up products provide a solution for all industrial needs.  The products are user and environment friendly.     

Machinery  Cleaning

Limescale is the hard, off-white, chalky deposit found in kettles, hot-water boilers and the inside of inadequately maintained hot-water central heating systems. It is also often found as a similar deposit on the inner surface of old pipes and other surfaces where hard water has evaporated. Other than being unsightly and harder to clean, limescale seriously impairs the operation of various components or damages them.
GREEN UP LR is a descaling agent using strong naturallly acidic descaling elements to remove limescale from metal surfaces in contact with hot water such as boilers, water heaters and kettles.

GREEN UP LR  is a natural preservative and active water based environmentally friendly product which contains no caustic soda. It breaks down quickly, does not harm humans or the environment.

This is one of the products of the Green Up series which are user friendly, readily biodegradable and do not harm the users or the environment

  Before Cleaning

After Cleaning

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