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Milk Industry


Green Up for Car Industry is the solution


Milk products are the category for food products whose components are mainly milk. Cow milk is the main kind and leads the milk industry. After that are products made of goat milk, sheep milk, buffalo milk and camel milk. Other kinds of milk like yak milk or horse milk are rarer for use for human consumption in this day and age. Milk consumption for a mature human began recently in the scale of human evolution.  Eight thousand years ago man began to raise and domesticate milk producing animals. These were mainly cattle, sheep and goats which produced milk which then was processed to produce different products. This was one of the first biotechnological processes of humans along with baking bread, making wine, beer and vinegar and preparing clothing material from fur, linen and silk.

In Biblical times we read about making cheese in the Book of Job "Did you not pour me out like milk and curdle me like cheese".

The main push for developing milk products was in the Neolithic era. This was to preserve the milk in order to keep it edible for a longer period of time. Improvement in cooling and the ability to preserve milk products brought about the development of different kinds of milk products such as yellow cheeses which could be preserved for several years. Another example which is newer is UHT or shelf-stable milk which can last months. The problem with this new milk for some people is the taste.

Today the milk industry is an important producer in the human food chain.

Milk industry today uses a variety of insecticides, most of which are poisonous and dangerous to human health.
In light of the reforms and changes which are happening in the field of agriculture today--in the cow barns, , milking sheds and packing areas especially--there arose a need for developing new cleaning  and disinfecting ecological products. These products must be friendly to the user and the environment while still being effective in cleaning and dissolving oils, grease and dirt. 

They are also anti-bacterial for foot and mouth disease, listeria, E-coli, salmonella and others. 

Cleaning and disinfecting milk tanks and equipment on a regular basis guarantees milk quality  Use of Green Up Antibacterial products provides users with the answer to this problem. They do not damage rubber, plastic, metal or stainless steel surfaces. The products protect the milking equipment and aren't dangerous to the users or harm  the environment.

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