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Green Up for  Oil  Industry is the Solution


 Petroleum is very important to humans since it is the biggest energy provider in the world—and also the biggest polluter in the refining of different fuels and products from it. Oil industry pollution in the groundsoil and in the air is difficult and problematic to clean. Green Life Company has developed a series of products especially for use in the oil and petroleum industry and all that is connected with it. The products are easy and safe to use since they are based on green ingredients that are not poisonous and non-flammable. They are friendly for the user, considerably lessen pollution and protect the environment. 

A Safe cleaner and a powerful, biodegradable, water based degreaser, oil dispersant.  It's made from renewable raw materials –glucose derived from corn, and  fatty alcohols from coconut and palm kernel oils due to its natural chemistry, mixt with natural silicates. This product is very mild, low in toxicity and readily Biodegradable  

This liquid cleaning and  ecolgical product is a strong-acting water based product which naturally decomposes, is not dangerous to the user and doesn't pollute the environment. It is readily biodegradable. Beyond just being a cleaning product that protects the environment it also improves the level of cleaning, protects against damage and is economical.

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