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Green Up for  Bakery Industry is the solution

Bakery Industry

The Bakery industry is responsible for all aspects of  Basic flour to baking products from the beginning and finishing with the product we consume. This industry uses large amounts of detergent cleaners which mostly consist of dangerous and toxic substances and pollutants of the environment. After using these cleaners it is necessary to use vast quantities of water for rinsing.

This is one of the causes of contamination of drinking water and environmental pollution.

Green Up for Bakeries is the Solution.

Green Up products for the Bakery  industry are based on ecological  products which provide an efficient solution to the problems of cleaning and disinfecting and treating various
bacterial related problems. These are user-friendly  products and safe for the environment. They are suitable for use in the food industry and meet the British and Common European 

Market standards.

GreenUp Applications

 One GreenUp product for all applications

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