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The source of milk


Green Up for Milk Industry is the solution


The cleaning and sanitation of the cowshed, milking equipment and milk storage facilities on a regular schedule is crucial for success in the dairy industry.

Green Life Group has developed a series of products for use in the dairy industry. They are powerful, non-chlorinated and water based with an effective strong sanitizer.They are cleaners for milk environments where the sterilisation of surfaces is required and are also non-tainting, free  rinsing and streak free.

Hoof Care

Udder care

Green Up for Milk

Agriculture today uses a variety of insecticides, most of which are poisonous and dangerous to human health.
In light of the reforms and changes which are happening in the field of agriculture today--in the cow barns, chicken coops, milking sheds and packing areas especially--there arose a need for developing new cleaning  and disinfecting ecological products. These products must be friendly to the user and the environment while still being effective in  cleaning and dissolving oils, grease and dirt. 

They are also anti-bacterial for foot and mouth disease, listeria, E-coli, salmonella and others. 



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