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Wine Industry


Green Up for Car Industry is the solution

Wine Industry

  Wine from Biblical Time 

Wine is one of the world's oldest alcoholic beverage, as affirmed by findings from Georgia and Iran. Clay dating back 7000-8000 years was found which were used for maintaining and storing it. In many cultures wine has a part in social events and in religious ceremonies. Wine can be generated not only from grapes but also from fruits and other plants. The word "wine" alone means wine produced from grapes and other cases are refered to, for example, "barley wine" or "plum wine".

Beginning Wine Production

Fermenting Wine

Wine Storage

Wine Bottles

The Final Result

Use of Green Up during the entire wine making process provides a definite financial benefit in the final cost of producing the wine. Green Up protects the quality of the wine thus ensuring the enjoyment of those who drink it.

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