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 Company  Commitment


Green Life Group Commitment


To us in Green Life Group  as a developer and concept leader of GEL Green environment, it is clear to us that in an industrially developing world we have no choice but to take responsibility and leadership through the wise use of biodegradable products that protect us all: human, animal and environment.

Green Life Group  views its endeaver to be a leader and active developer for a green environment, to keep and protect the environment and to protect human health.  


Green Life Group works to develop green products to keep and protect the environment and the health of those who use them. 


Green Life Group as the developer and producer of quality products will strive to lead this field through the development of new products for a safer and healthier life.

Green Life Group Rationale The basic idea of our company is based on taking raw material from nature to produce water based products that will clean and sanitize and then return to natural components after use. This makes them environmentally friendly to both animal and plant life. 

Our cleaning and disinfecting products are made specifically to replace existing products which are made from detergents, acidic chemicals, poisonous materials and pollutants. These endanger us, our surroundings, the air we breathe and the water we drink.




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