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Green Up Milk - Equipment Cleaning 



GREEN UP MILK   provide an efficient and up the cleaning and disinfecting the dairy, milking equipment dairy environment like drainage channels and   milk storage containers. Products are not dangerous to the user, not to animals, do not impede the milking equipment and cause damage to the environment.

GREEN UP MILK   is biodegradable, water based Sanitizer and milk Cleaner Special for vacuum systems 

GREEN UP MILK   is a powerful non chlorinated cleaner for the cleaning of metallic surfaces special for heat transfer systems. Does not damage rubber, plastic, metal or stainless steel surfaces. Dissolves and removes dirt, fats.
GREEN UP MILK   is a water based degreaser and oil dispersant, which has proved to be a versatile cleaning agent in Dairy farms 

  For cleaning milking equipment and milk containers. It eliminates bad smells such as rotten food or fermentation

GREEN UP MILK   is made from renewable raw materials –glucose derived from corn, and fatty alcohols from coconut and palm kernel oils due to its  natural chemistry, This product is very mild, low in toxicity and readily Biodegradable
GREEN UP MILK  is antibacterial and kills micro-organisms,wide rang of bacteria, mold and fungus

GREEN UP MILK  It is suitable for cleaning, sanitizing and polishing all kinds of flooring including ceramic, granite, porcelain, marble, terrazzo, linoleum, PVC, cement, wood deck, colored and metal surfaces.



·   Final stage clean up of  pollution and oil spills

·   Milk equipment 

·   Lorry chassis cleaning

·   Cleaning and sanitizing milking equipment

·   Final stage clean up of milk pollution and milk spills


Benefits of Use
   No danger to persons using this product by inhaling toxic fumes or toxic chemicals.
   Use of a small amount of material to clean a large area since it's a very effective cleaner.
   Less time is needed to clean with this product.
·   Non flammable
·   No solvent smell
·   Can be diluted with water
·   Can be applied in wet areas
   Can be immediately re-applied to badly soiled areas

·   The product is no Corrosive, contains rust-prevention components - Anti RUST

    Regular use of this product will lessen the amount of material needed for cleaning and sanitizing

GREEN UP MILK   is a cold liquid – don't heat or mix with other liquids, only with  water.

To remove heavy soiling, apply neat with brush or sprayer, leave for 7 to 10 minutes then rinse off with water. 
Where soiling is not too heavy, GREEN UP MILK can be diluted with water before application.
GREEN UP MILK  can be used through floor scrubbing machines; the dilution rate would need to be established by trial and error, as all machines are different

GREEN UP MILK  can also be used by simply diluting a small amount with water in a bucket; the affected area is then cleaned with a brush or mop,

before rinsing.  This method is   ideal on lightly soiled floors in canteens, toilets and shower areas.
In the case of large oil spills, clear away as much as possible, then use
GREEN UP MILK  (neat) in the final clean up stage.

This product is for external use only. Not to be swallowed. If swallowed, drink a large amount of water or milk and seek medical attention.  

Avoid contact with eyes. In case of eye contact rinse with large amounts of water. Keep this cleaning product away from children.
Keep the container closed and do not expose to extreme temperatures.


Blend of surfactants from natural sources, sequestrants and  silicates 
This is a cleaning product which is water based and includes a mixture of active enzymes which dissolve oils, grease and dirt.

These components are based on coconut, pineapple, and citrus extracts.
None of the components is animal based and no animal testing is done on Green Up products

All the components decompose in nature and fit the definition of biodegradable.


Physical Properties

Appearance                                        Clear colorless  liquid

Odor                                                    Barely perceptible odor

pH @ 5% Dilution                                9-12 

Density                                                1.03-1.06

Flash Point                                           None 

Solubility in water                                Immiscible

Density                                                1.06

Flash Point                                           None

Flammability                                        None

Flammable Boiling Temperature/range    >100 C

 Pack Sizes 

18 ltr cans -  205 lt barrels - 1000 ltr  box


Shelf Life   

 3 Years from date of manufacture 


Helf and safety


For full Health and Safety data please refer to our specific MSDS Sheet, which is available on Product list.   











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