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Green Up Vacuum - Milking System Cleaner 



The field of agriculture in general, and the dairy industry in particular, has gone through a dramatic change in all that is connected to cleaning and sanitizing products.

There was a need for ecological cleaning products, friendly to the user and the environment and which lessen the damage of waste water.

The product must be efficient in the removal of polluting waste while still being antibacterial and sanitizing against such things as e-coli, salmonella, listeria, and others.

Green Life Group has developed a product especially formulated for cleaning milking ( Vacuum) systems  

Green Up Vacuum Cleaner.

This product meets the requirements to clean equipment which comes in contact with food.


GREEN UP VACUUM CLEANER provide an efficient and up the cleaning and disinfecting the dairy, milking equipment dairy environment like drainage

channels and   milk storage containers. Products are not dangerous to the user, not to animals, do not impede the milking equipment and cause damage to the environment.

GREEN UP VACUUM CLEANER is biodegradable, water based Sanitiser and milk Cleaner Special for vacuum systems, for cleaning milking equipment   and milk containers.  It eliminates bad smells such as rotten food or fermentation.

GREEN UP VACUUM CLEANER  is a powerful non chlorinated cleaner for the cleaning of metallic surfaces special for heat transfer systems. Does not damage rubber, plastic, metal or stainless steel surfaces.  Dissolves and removes dirt, fats. 
GREEN UP VACUUM CLEANER   is a water based degreaser and oil dispersant, which has proved to be a versatile cleaning agent in Dairy farms. 

GREEN UP VCUUM CLEANER  is made from renewable raw materials –glucose derived from corn, and fatty alcohols from coconut and palm kernel oils due to its natural chemistry, This product is very mild, low in toxicity and readily Biodegradable
GREEN UP VACUUM CLEANER is antibacterial and kills micro-organisms, wide rang     of bacteria, mold and fungus.

Main Characteristics of Green Up Vacuum Product

  • Water based natural antibacterial ecological cleaning and sanitizing products ready for use.

  • The family of Green Up products excel in their ability to completely disintegrate, dissolve and remove oils from a variety of fatty acids and dirt.

  • Destroy bad odors of decay and fermentation.

  • Protect the environment and are Readily Biodegradable.

  • Protect the soil, water sources, lakes and streams, seas, and underground water.

  • Protect drainage and sewerage systems. Sanitize and  clean absorption runoffs.

  • Are not dangerous to airways.

  • Do not leave marks on hands or skin.

  • Are not poisonous.

  • Are not flammable.

  • Are not ionic.

  • Do not emit poisonous gases or the synthetic smell associated with cleaning products.

  • Do not contain carbon solvents, carbon dissolvers, or caustic soda.

  • Do not attack or eat away surfaces made of rubber, plastic, metal including stainless steel.

  • Reduce the wear and depreciation of work areas.

  • Do not contain SLS and do not foam.

  • Do not leave a greasy or sticky residue on cleaned surfaces.

  • Do not stain or leave traces or streaks but shine and prevent stains from forming.

  • Can be used on wet surfaces.

  • Can be diluted with water but loses its effectiveness.

Advantages in Using Green Up Vacuum 

  • Green Up is a pioneer in the full use of organic cleaning and sanitizing products that protect the environment, workers, clients and animals.

  • Eliminates the danger for workers, clients and animals of exposure and breathing the different poisonous and chemical cleaning products that are used today.

  • Raises the parameters of cleaning and sanitizing in the milking systems dealing with smell, level of cleanliness and sanitization and the final external overall appearance.

  • Prevents accumulation of scale in the milking system.

  • Money is saved by changing to one product and one supplier (direct savings in time and material used as well as savings in workdays).

  • Savings in time and simplicity of use—quick cleaning saves 75% of the time usually needed for the same task.

  • There is no need for using soap and water after cleaning.

  • Significantly lessens the depreciation of the parts of the machinery and surfaces of the working areas.


·   Final stage clean up of  pollution  in milking area.

·   Milking equipment. 

·   Cleaning and sanitizing milking system.

·   Final stage clean up of milk pollution and milk spills.


 Method of Cleaning  the Milking  System 

Since the milking system is vacuum based there is a need for a suitable cleaning material for this action.

Green Life Group has developed a special material which is tailor made to fit the needs of a vacuum operated system

— Green Up Vacum  Cleaner.

The Process

Stage 1: Prepare a container with Green Up Milk Clean 5 times the volume of the milking system. Connect the container to the milking system in such a way that the milking system is sucking in the cleaning liquid from the container. This liquid returns to the same container after being sucked through the milking apparatus. This procedure continues for 20-30 minutes.

Stage 2:  At the end of Stage 1 the milking system is connected to clean water and is rinsed for 3-5 minutes as needed.

Green Up Milking Cleaner is replaced every 3-5 weeks as needed.

A bonus is that the cleaning liquid that was used in the milking machine can now be used for cleaning the cow barn and shed, thus eliminating waste and saving money. 

 GREEN UP VACUUM   can be used through floor scrubbing machines; the dilution rate would need to be established by trial and error, as all machines are different

 GREEN UP  VACUUM CLEANER cleaner is a cold liquid – don't heat or mix with other liquids, only with water.

 GREEN UP VACUUM CLEANER can also be used by simply diluting a small amount with water in a bucket; the affected area is then cleaned with a brush or mop, before rinsing. 

Benefits of Use 

No danger to persons using this product by inhaling toxic fumes or toxic chemicals.
Use of a small amount of material to clean a large area since it's a very effective     cleaner.
   Less time is needed to clean with this product.   Non flammable
   No solvent smell
   Can be diluted with water
   Can be applied in wet areas
   Can be immediately re-applied to badly soiled areas

The product is no Corrosive, contains rust-prevention components - Anti RUST

Regular use of this product will lessen the amount of material needed for cleaning and sanitizing.


Avoid contact with eyes. In case of eye contact, rinse with large amounts of water.

If swallowed, drink a large amount of water or milk and seek medical attention.  

Keep this cleaning product away from children.
Keep the container closed and do not expose to extreme temperatures.


Blend of surfactants from natural sources, sequestrants and silicates 
This is a cleaning product which is water based and includes a mixture of active enzymes which dissolve oils, grease and dirt.

These components are based on coconut, pineapple, and citrus extracts.
None of the components is animal based and no animal testing is done on Green Up products. All the components decompose in nature and fit the definition of biodegradable.

Physical Properties   

Appearance                                         Clear colorless  liquid

Odor                                                    Barely perceptible odor

pH @ 5% Dilution                                9-12 

Density                                                1.03-1.06

Flash Point                                           None 

Solubility in water                                Immiscible

Density                                                1.06

Flash Point                                           None

Flammability                                        None

Flammable Boiling Temperature/range    >100 C

 Pack Sizes 

  18 ltr -  205 ltr barrels - 1000 ltr  box

Shelf Life   

  3 Years from date of manufacture.


Health and safety

 For full Health and Safety data please refer to our specific MSDS Sheet which is available upon request.












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