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Anti Viral Activity 

   Green Up Anti Viral Cleaning



Green Life Group Company is an Israeli start-up company which has developed
and produced ecological antibacterial products for sanitizing and cleaning. Our products
are designed to replace existing products which are currently used and for the large part
are dangerous for humans and pollute our environment. (More detailed information can
be found in our website

Green Up products are effective against a wide range of different viruses and bacteria.

Using Green Up products   provides effective and safe cleaning and disinfecting. It is effective

against a wide range of micro organisms including Gram positive/negative bacteria, pathogenic

food related bacteria, yeasts and fungi.

These products are not dangerous for people and not hurt the environment.

Since 2015 our company has been developing anti-viral products for use in agriculture
that have been researched and evaluated in the Volcani Institute. Our project with
chickens for example achieved an excellence which has received worldwide
With the onslaught of the Corona epidemic the Green Life Group Company has been
working on improving one of our products GreenUp ABV especially to recognize and
destroy the Corona virus. This specialized product has been tested and the results
show a complete destruction of the Corona virus with no damage to the body cells.
This is a worldwide breakthrough for cleaning and sanitizing the personal area without
harming people. This Israeli ABV ecological disinfectant cleaner is not dangerous to humans and
disperses in nature without leaving poisonous aftereffects.
Attached to this letter are three testing results which deal with this product.




Image by CDC
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