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A Safe cleaner and sterilizer powerful, biodegradable,  water based degreaser,  oil dispersant and sanitizer  

GREEN UP FORTE is a powerful non chlorinated cleaner for the cleaning of metallic surfaces special for heat transfer

systems. Does not damage rubber, plastic, metal or stainless steel surfaces
 GREEN UP FORTE is a  water based degreaser and oil dispersant, which has proved to be a versatile cleaning agent

in factory and workshop situations where  degreasing cleaning or where a fast drying solvent cleaner is required.
GREEN UP FORTE is made from  renewable raw materials –glucose derived from corn, and  fatty alcohols from coconut

and palm kernel oils due to its natural chemistry, mixt with natural silicates.  This product is very mild, low in toxicity

and readily Biodegradable      


  • Engine cleaning

  • Lorry chassis cleaning

  • Sewers and sewage pipesMachinery cleaning

  • Garage floor cleaning

  • Garage pit cleaning

  • Factory floor and wall cleaning

  • Oilrig cleaning

  • Final stage clean up of oil pollution and oil spills

  • Printing Industry cleaning

  • Food industry Including kitchens and dining rooms

  • Electric Motors  

  • Air Conditioning system 


Summary of Benefits

Food Save
Water based degreaser
Can be diluted with water
Can be applied in wet areas
Free From Chlorinated Solvents
Not hurm the Inviroment 

Cleaner and steriliser combinet  
Non flammable
Does not  discharge toxic gas or syntetic solvent smell 
Does not risk the breathing way  
Does not attacking  the surface, not damage plastic, rubber and metals. 



 To remove heavy soiling, apply neat with brush or sprayer, leave for 5 to 10 minutes then rinse off with water. 

Where soiling is not too heavy,

GREEN UP FORTE can be diluted with water before application.
GREEN UP FORTE can be used through floor scrubbing machines; the dilution rate would need to be established

by trial and error, as all machines are different.
GREEN UP FORTE can also be used by simply diluting a small amount with water in a bucket; the affected area is then

cleaned with a brush or mop, before rinsing.  This method is ideal on lightly soiled floors in canteens, toilets and shower areas.
 In the case of large oil spills, clear away as much as possible, then use GREEN UP FORTE (neat) in the final clean up stage.

Direction for Use
General Cleanung 
To clean fat friers, cooker hoods, etc. Use at 1:2 dilution with water, apply by mop, brush, or spray onto the surface,

allow to soak, then rinse off using water.
To clean heavily contaminated areas dilute at 1:2 with water and apply, allow to soak then wash off with clean water.
To clean general areas including floors etc. dilute at 1:3 with water apply using a mop, brush, or spray, allow to soak

then rinse. If used as a hand cleaner then the product must be diluted to at least 1:3 with water.
For the cleaning of air-conditioning units use at 1:3 with water
The product is also suitable for use in automatic foam spray units.
For Heat Exchanger Cleaning

Isolate the oil supply, disconnect the heat exchanger oil inlet and outlet, drain off any remaining oil.

Connect the discharge side of Cleaning Unit (CU) to the lower heat exchanger connection and fit the return to the CU.

Add HEC to the drum and heat, maintaining the temperature (max 65°C) throughout the cleaning operation

FOR 8-10 hours. If heating is not available, and fit the return to the CU Circulate for 24 hours. When the cleaning

is complete, disconnect the lower heat exchanger connection and drain.

Connect a high pressure fresh water supply to the upper heat exchanger connection. Rinse until water runs clear.

Disconnect, drain and dry.



Density                                   -          1.06
Flash Point                             -           None              
Solubility in water                   -           Immiscible
Colour                                    -           Pale Colored

Odour                                     -           Barely perceptible odour

Density                                   -          1.06

Flash Point                             -           None

Flammability                           -           None

Flammable Boiling Temperature/ range - >100 C

Solubility in water                    -          Immiscible


 NATURAL non caustic readily biodegradable water based components

 Non of the components is made of neither animals.
 The liquid does not contains minerals fats, or fats produce from animals
 Green Life Group is against experiments in animals and does not include  
 in its products components from them.


Health and safety

For full Health and Safety data please refer to our specific MSDS Sheet, which is available on Product list.

Pack Sizes 
   4lt, 18lt , 205lt barrels, 1000 litter canister 

Shelf Life 

  3 Years from date of manufacture                                                                                                                        








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